Language Assessment for Classroom Teachers

Classroom-based language assessments: why, when, what and how?

Lyle Bachman and Barbara Damböck
Step-by-step guidance to using classroom-based assessments.
Written exercises to practice assessment task design.
Assessment tasks template.
Checklist of things to think about before using a language assessment.


This book provides teachers with an entirely new approach to developing and using classroom-based language assessments. This approach is based on current theory and practice in the field of language assessment and on an understanding of the assessment needs of classroom teachers.

Reviews and Awards

"...the book really does offer a new way of looking at classroom assessment... Bachman and Damboeck urge teachers to first ask what beneficial consequences we want to bring about through our assessments, then decide what and how to assess... What stands out is the readability of the book, achieved largely through a conversational style that engages and allows readers to digest difficult technical concepts with relative ease." - RELC Journal
"It has valuable lessons for those in an institution's testing unit [and] also focuses well on major concerns for the general teacher involved in assessment." - EL Gazette
"In spite of the potentially daunting nature of the subject, the authors present things in a straightforward and accessible fashion, making the book a very educational and useful resource... Reading this book was a real eye-opener for me as a teacher. Needless to say, I would definitely recommend it." - English Teaching Professional
"Classroom testing is scrutinised in such a way that teachers following these guidelines will be able to see the use of assessment as something purposeful... an easily accessible compendium which will provide them with useful advice on how to implement meaningful assessment in the classroom." - IATEFL Voices


Published: 01 February 2018
304 Pages
ISBN: 9780194218399

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