About Us

Given the serious challenges that the higher education has been confronted with in the United States today, we will need to provide support to a growing number of students who have obtained higher education certificates through non-traditional approaches. We provide services to learners and non-traditional students in the United States and the world to jointly address the most difficult educational challenges, and to help guide our country towards the future.


International Educational Organizations plan and provide services to support the globalization of higher education.
A. To help establish global linkages for the development of global higher education.
B. International cooperation on international higher education issues.
C. To cooperate with global higher education organizations.
D. To become a more international-minded entity.
E. Global TESOL courses are offered to individuals and institutions worldwide to accomplish this task.

Core Values

A. Facilitating learning outcomes through corresponding standards, research and practice to demonstrate expertise
B. Respecting diversity, multilingualism, multiculturalism and personal languages right
C. Honesty guided by moral and transparent behaviors
D. Life-long commitment to pedagogy


A. 2011

The USA Professional Teaching Council (USAPTC) was founded by some young teachers as initiators from Columbia University and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

•Academic Research Center

Promoting academic development from the research of advanced teaching technology, teaching theory
and educational tools

•Project Research Center

Being combined with the teaching in real life, five research centers have been successively established as TESOL, Teaching English
for Young Learners, Teaching English for Teenagers, Teaching English for Adults and Teaching Practice. The centers make
researches on the comphensive English teaching methods which are more suitable for different groups.

•Promote and practice teaching methods worldwide

It has been promoted in the United States, Canada, Japan, China, Thailand and other countries.

B. 2019

 USAPTC was registered in Washington, D.C.

C. Up to now

 Cooperation has been established with well-known educational organizations in more than 50 countries around the world.

Organization Chart