The 6 Principles for Exemplary Teaching of English Learners®: Adult Education and Workforce Development


Andrea B. Hellman, Kathy Harris, Amea Wilbur, Authors and Deborah J.

 Short, Series Editor

This second book in The 6 Principles series is aimed at teachers of adult

 English learners who have general educational goals at their current life 

stage. These students need English for a job or for career training 

opportunities; they may be immigrants, migrants, guest workers, or

 refugees. Most likely, they are at the beginning and intermediate stages of

 building their functional language skills in English. The teaching applications

 featured apply to teaching adult learners worldwide.


This exciting new book applies these principles to adults learning English in adult education and workforce development settings.

The 6 Principles and their recommended practices are targets of teaching excellence that provide teachers with the knowledge to improve instruction and assessment.

Instructional techniques are illustrated with a multitude of classroom examples and vignettes.

The 6 Principles will help educators

develop English language instruction that directly serves learners’ needs and goals;

respect, affirm, and promote learners’ home languages and cultural knowledge and experiences as resources;

implement engaging and relevant lessons that build 21st century workplace skills;

support learners in their acculturation to a new country;

teach learners strategies that can sustain their language learning outside the classroom.

The book highlights important aspects of second language learning to help teachers create beneficial conditions for productive English language development. Further, it presents a valuable overview of challenges that adult learners face and offers potential solutions to obstacles that affect their acquisition of English. Sample tools (e.g., charts, techniques, activities) are ready to use in the adult English language classroom.

“This book is an extraordinary resource for anyone who is part of the global community of English teachers, and by extension, administrators… It validates the experiences of seasoned practitioners and provides a well-researched set of practices that all teachers will find useful in their pursuit of excellence. Perhaps more importantly, implementing many of the practices presented in this book will markedly accelerate the integration of adult English learners at work and in our communities.” 
Johan E. Uvin, Institute for Educational Leadership

About the Author


image.pngAndrea B. Hellman, Ed.D. is Assistant Professor of TESOL/Linguistics at Missouri State University, where she 

directs the iELT-Ozarks Project, a National Professional Development grant. A recipient of the Christopher 

Brumfit Award, her research focuses on second language vocabulary attainment and the preparation of 

mainstream teachers for English learners. She is a Hungarian-English bilingual, an adult immigrant to the U.S.

image.pngKathy Harris, PhD has been interested in adult learning for over 20 years, especially adults learning 

English as a second language and digital skills for work, health, and education. Harris is the director 

of the Literacy, Language and Technology Research group at Portland State University in the 

Department of Applied Linguistics.


Dr. Amea Wilbur is an instructor at the University of the Fraser Valley. She holds an Ed.D from the 

Department of Educational Studies, UBC. Her practice and research are focused on creating inclusive

 learning spaces and supporting marginalized learners in English as Additional Language and Adult 



Series Editor: Deborah J. Short, Ph.D. directs Academic Language Research & Training and delivers 

professional development on academic language, content-based ESL, and sheltered instruction. 

She co-developed the SIOP Model of sheltered instruction and has led research for the Carnegie 

Corporation of NY, Rockefeller Foundation, and U.S. Departments of Education and Justice. She 

served on TESOL’s Board of Directors and led the 6 Principles writing team.



Publish Date: 03/01/2019

ISBN: 9781945351662