English for Primary Teaachers


Mary Slattery and Jane Willis

The book aims to build teachers' confidence in their ability to use English effectively, at the same 

time as providing advice and techniques for primary English teachers. The book is written in an 

accessible, easy-to-follow style and encourages a positive attitiude towards using English in the 

primary classroom.The first unit asks teachers to reflect on the processes of language learning, to

 examine ways to create effective learning conditions in class, and introduces them to the study 

methods used in the book.The units follow the processes of natural language acquisition and the

 pattern of school education, so the order is: listening activities, speaking activities, reading, and 


                                                             There are two units on using stories, with a final unit on integrating coursebook activities and lesson 


                                                             The content of the syllabus is derived largely from English lessons recorded by around 20 different

                                                             teachers in different countries, to show that the examples and expressions used are real ones that are used 

                                                             by primary teachers the world over.

                                                             The Language Study syllabus is graded, beginning in Unit 1 with very basic classroom 

                                                             instructions within a typical lesson framework, going on  to more specific language relevant to                                                                                            particular activity types, and later to longer stretches of English, such as storytelling.

                                                             The book encourages teachers to practise the language activities with a colleague and/or 

                                                             record themselves on a personal cassette doing the language practice activities in English.

                                                             A free CD gives examples of classroom language from real classrooms, with pronunciation exercises.


A handbook of activities and classroom language for primary teachers.

Reviews and Awards

Winner of The Frank Bell Prize
Winner of the English-Speaking Union's Duke of Edinburgh Book Competition
Shortlisted for the Ben Warren Prize


Published: 24 May 2001

ISBN: 9780194375627